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Are you looking for at least a 20% improvement in your OEE (machine efficiency)?

All machine systems are equipped with control software, but it could be holding you back. CMS Research has developed two software packages, MAST and SAIL, which are guaranteed to increase throughput for flexible manufacturing projects by at least 20%. These two software solutions, MAST for engineering and SAIL for operations, will help you become a world-class competitor in precision machining.

Where does SAIL work best?

If you have any one of the following machine systems, SAIL will increase your OEE by at least 20%, guaranteed.

What does SAIL offer that your control software doesn't?

Traditional control software imports orders without knowledge of capacity and does not provide an expected completion date. SAIL differs from traditional control software by generating a realistic schedule based on capacity and due dates. SAIL will tell you if you have the capacity and when you can expect completion of an order. Unlike control software, SAIL monitors progress and reschedules as needed to maintain on-time deliveries. SAIL accomplishes this with the following five steps:

What do our customers say about SAIL?

SAIL User Statements

Where does MAST work best?

If you are considering the purchase of precision machines or already have machines arranged in a cell, MAST will provide the best configuration of manual or automated handling, tools, fixtures, and capacity. MAST assembles cellular components (machines, tools, fixtures, part handling, robots, and operators) into an optimal configuration.

What does MAST offer?

MAST provides the "what if" analysis necessary to compare manufacturing alternatives. MAST resolves such issues as manual vs. automated part handling, dedicated vs. flexible machines, buffer sizes vs. just in time, and many more. Through its numerous performance measure outputs, MAST makes it easy to find the "best method" solution to any machine cell.

What do our customers say about MAST?

MAST User Statements