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Flexible Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing, Toyota Production System, Just-in-Time, and Demand Pull are manufacturing techniques that reduce work in process inventory. All of these techniques implement a method to reduce inventory with an outcome of reduced labor and machine utilization. When inventory is lowered, something must take its place or utilization will decrease. Flexible labor and machines are a substitute for inventory. MAST-SAIL Software provides a proven and unique approach to the management of flexible capacity.

Management of Flexible Capacity

MAST-SAIL software provides the tool to target and maintain OEE in low inventory operation. It does this by:

1. develop a flexibility plan using MAST modeling software,

2. allocate flexible capacity using ERP order for a daily schedule and download to controls,

3. monitor the planned OEE vs. the actual OEE,

4. track all material paths according to the quality plan.

Modeling and simulation are essential to manage flexible capacity and MAST-SAIL contain one of the most accurate and proven models of manufacturing.

Daily Operation

The benefit of software is that it remains active in the factory operation continuously. Manual systems, Kanban signals, mentoring, Kaizen events, and training are occasional events. Between these events, the daily operation can vary depending on the priorities, skills, and objectives of the supervisors and operators. MAST-SAIL software remains on the job continuously. It is constantly monitoring, tracking, and scheduling using algorithms and rules imbedded in the operation plan. The benefit of software is that it is always implementing and accessing the plan.

Volume and Mix

MAST-SAIL software applies to any operation where multiple part numbers share the same labor and machine capacity. The can range from fully automated machine cells, U-lines, to flexible labor assembly lines. MAST-SAIL Software is suitable for any production volume: High volume, low volume and any volume in-between. MAST-SAIL software works for a production mix with as few as 2 part numbers. The greater the number of part numbers, the more benefits MAST-SAIL software provides. There is no limit to the number of part numbers sharing common capacity.

Software Packages

CMS Software has developed two software packages, MAST and SAIL, which are guaranteed to increase throughput for flexible manufacturing projects by at least 30%. These two software solutions, MAST for engineering and SAIL for operations, will help you become a world-class competitor in precision machining.