SAIL Software Modules

  • Performance Monitoring System
    • Records production counts, machine cycles, kanban / pallet flow times, and event logs. Provides control charts of actual performance OEE compared to benchmark or planned OEE. Links root cause of performance to machine cycle, operator times, or material availability.
  • Scheduling and Allocation System
    • Imports orders from factory computer system and allocates these using the configuration of flexibility, inventory and capacity to establish a daily schedule. This daily schedule is transferred directly into automated systems or displayed for manually operated systems.
  • Tool Management System
    • Number of tool replacements is planned based on the daily schedule. Accumulated tool use and vending machine tool purchases are monitored. Planned tool replacements are compared to actual tool replacements to adjust tool life settings.
  • Quality and Part Audit System
    • Each part number has its list of features and tools listed in an audit procedure. The procedures are broken into subsets or inspection types. Each part is serial numbered and its path (machine and pallet) is tracked through the manufacturing process. Paths are counted and signaled for inspection based on frequency. Quality audits report path counts and history of path inspections.

MAST Software Modules

  • Modeling System
    • Collects process steps and routing, part number list, kanban/pallet assignments, machine assignments, operator assignments, reliability, automated material handling system, queue sizes, and layout.
    • Compare alternative configuration of machine assignments, operator roles, kanban sizes, number of kanbans or pallets, production mix, manual material handling, automated material handling, queue sizes, and layouts.
    • Define a day-to-day operation plan based on the optimal or best configuration of machines, operators, inventory, automation, and part mix. With each operating plan, performance benchmarks (targets) are set that include machine OEE, operator use, inventory level, flow time, production rates, and material handling use.
  • Capacity Planning System
    • Forecast demand is used to reconfigure machine assignments,numbers of kanban / pallets, operator roles, and material handling use for each production mix. Transfer data between the MAST modeling system and SAIL scheduling system.